Atlas Investments BV

Thinking, investing and working on small and large scale projects

For whom?


New, young and existing


Transparent, innovative, with clear vision and thought out business plan.


All markets! We are open to new ideas and open to fun interesting projects.


Investing is growing

From mid Netherlands guides Atlas Investments B.V. sustainable investments throughout the Netherlands for companies and projects of different sectors.

The aim is to develop a sustainable return in the long term. Atlas Investments B.V. aims future investments to also take place outside the Netherlands.

Investments are tailor-negotiable for small and large scale projects.  Proactively we are involved with you  as a serious partner, and together we can build sustainable returns. You always have one point of contact. This allows us to make sustainable agreements and provide optimal service.

Atlas Investments B.V. is constantly moving and looking for investment opportunities. Do you have an idea or a project, please feel free to contact us and exchange ideas.

Our focus is on successful and sustainable returns.

Atlas Investments B.V. gives ambitious ideas a chance to develop into real businesses. From the base of small and large scale projects, we are investing in ideas to let them grow in successful and sustainable returns.